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Top 5 AJMC® Articles of September 2019


Here are the top 5 articles for the month of September.

Hi, this is Jaime Rosenberg for The American Journal of Managed Care. Here are the top 5 articles for the month of September.

Number 5: A study in this month’s issue found that compared with fee for service institutionalized Medicare beneficiaries, members of UnitedHealthcare’s Institutional Special Needs Plans had lower emergency department use, hospitalizations, and readmissions but had higher skilled nursing facility use.

Number 4: Terazosin, which is used to treat enlarged prostate, may also be able to slow the progression of Parkinson disease. The findings came from a collaboration of researchers who combined observations from animal experiments with information on men taking the drug.

Number 3: Real world data showed that the oral anticoagulant apixaban was associated with lower rates of major bleeding than its competitors in the class, while delivering comparable protection against strokes and blood clotting in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation.

Number 2: The American Journal of Managed Care® spoke with Christine Sawicki, the senior director of specialty product development at CVS Health, about the impact new technology can have on patient experience, health outcomes, and drug spending.

Number 1: A population-based study examining soda consumption in 10 European countries found that soft drinks were linked to a greater risk of death, as well as a higher chance of dying from Parkinson disease. The researchers noted that the latter connection needs additional research.

To read all of these articles and more, visit ajmc.com.

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