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Top 5 AJMC® Stories of the Week: February 29, 2020


The most popular stories of the week on AJMC®.

CDC Warns That COVID-19 Is Likely Headed Toward Pandemic Stage, Could Affect US Schools, Businesses

It’s not a question of when coronavirus becomes a worldwide pandemic, but when, the CDC said Tuesday.

Longer Time to First Treatment Beneficial for Breast Cancer

When time to first treatment ranged from 31 to 90 days for patients with breast cancer, doctors had more time for extensive diagnostic workups without compromising survival rates.

Oncology Care First Is a Big Step Toward Bundled Payments in Cancer Care, Authors Say

While there are similarities to the Oncology Care Model, the new model has features “that could have a substantial impact on practices that choose to participate,” the authors write.

Mammography in Women Older Than 75 Does Not Confer an Additional Survival Benefit

Recommendations abound for when women at average risk for breast cancer should begin yearly mammography screening, ranging from age 40 to 50. Questions remain, however, on the optimal age at which to stop. However, with over 50% of women older than age 75 still undergoing mammography, is there a truly safe age at which to stop what has been shown to be a life-saving practice if it does not decrease their mortality from breast cancer?

FDA Approves Dulaglutide for Adults With T2D, Regardless of CVD

The FDA approved Eli Lilly’s dulaglutide (Trulicity) for the reduction of major adverse cardiovascular events in adults with type 2 diabetes (T2D), with and without established cardiovascular disease (CVD)

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