Value-Based Care in the Primary Care Setting: Data Is Key, Says Eric Lisle


Eric Lisle, president and CEO of Southeast Primary Care Partners, discusses the importance of comprehensive patient data for primary care practices implementing value-based care.

Eric Lisle, president and CEO of Southeast Primary Care Partners, shared his insight on the importance of comprehensive patient data in value-based primary care and the challenge physicians face when it is not entirely available.


What are some challenges that primary care physicians may face in implementing value-based care?

When you think about what you need in order to manage a person's care, really the most important thing is you need data. You need to know what's going on with that patient. You need to be able to identify conditions associated with that person's care, you need to be able to see what's going on outside of your ecosystem. So for example, in our EMR [electronic medical record], we're not really tied in from an EMR perspective to a lot of other places, so we only have visibility about our patient limited to what's inside our EMR. We have to construct a whole person picture around the patient that says we've done diagnostic testings to identify these conditions, we've looked at claims data that exist in the total health system to identify things that are happening outside of our primary care clinics, to help us see what's needed for the primary care physician to do, and recommend activities for the patients that are going to be beneficial to their health. I'd say the number one thing is to get data from all sources to feed into your primary care physicians' EMR workflow, so that they can manage the patients effectively.

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