Value-Based Healthcare Demands Upgrades to Core Quality Measures

The Core Quality Measures Collaborative Workgroup, initiated by AHIP and payer organizations, seeks to reduce, refine, and relate the healthcare delivery process.

At the recent Patient-Centered-Diabetes Care meeting hosted by The American Journal of Managed Care, Robert Gabbay, MD, PhD, of the Joslin Diabetes Center emphasized the importance of "measurements" for the success of their diabetes program. As the healthcare tide slowly changes to implement value in everyday care, reimbursement is being weaved with quality scores and outcomes.

In a recent blog post, Patrick Conway, MD, MSC, chief medical officer of CMS, wrote about how the Core Quality Measures Collaborative Workgroup was convened by America’s Health Insurance Plans and its member plans. The collaborative sees representation by CMS, the National Quality Forum, as well as national physician organizations. "Our goal is to promote a simplified and consistent process across public and private payers by reducing the total number of measures, refining the measures, and relating measures to patient health—known as the 3Rs (reduce, refine, and relate)," writes Dr Conway.

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