Walgreens Discusses Success of Community Pharmacy Programs in Improving Patient Medication Adherence

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Walgreens recently presented the latest research on how community pharmacy programs, as well as new adherence models and metrics, can help drive better medication adherence. The research, presented at the World Congress Summit in Philadelphia last Friday, demonstrates the company's success in improving patient medication adherence by developing an infrastructure that tracks patient level adherence and uses predictive modeling along with risk stratification to identify patient patterns.

Kristi Rudkin, PharmD, senior director of product development for Walgreens, and Michael S. Taitel, PhD, Walgreens senior director of clinical outcomes and analytic services, discussed the research findings along with product-specific interventions focused on empowering patients to better self-manage their condition. The discussion also examined the latest research related to new-to-therapy counseling and automated Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) refill reminders.

"Medication non-adherence is one of the greatest and most costly barriers in treating illness today," Rudkin said. "By developing programs and services that can help reduce these barriers, and examining ways to drive cost savings and improved health outcomes through better adherence, we can help more people get, stay and live well."

Read the full story here: http://on.mktw.net/10ym1mM

Source: Marketwatch.com

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