What We’re Reading: Eli Lilly Acquires Dice for $2.4B; 1.5M Dropped From Medicaid; Trans Americans Flee States With Care Restrictions


Eli Lilly will gain Dice Therapeutics’ experimental psoriasis drug; about 1.5 million people dropped from Medicaid since April and May; families are uprooting their lives due to transgender care restrictions

Eli Lilly Set to Acquire Dice Therapeutics with $2.4 Billion Deal

Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Co has announced its acquisition of Dice Therapeutics for approximately $2.4 billion, according to Reuters. The deal aims to grow Lilly's immunology pipeline with Dice's lead drug, DC-806, an experimental oral pill being tested for the treatment of psoriasis. The acquisition is expected to close in the third quarter, pending regulatory approvals, and is seen as a strategic move to expand Lilly's offerings in the field of immune-related conditions.

More Than 1 Million Individuals Lost Medicaid Coverage After the Pandemic

Following the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 1 million people have been dropped from Medicaid in the United States, according to The Associated Press. Most of these drops were due to individuals not filling out paperwork. The removals have raised concerns about eligible individuals, including children, losing coverage and facing difficulties in accessing healthcare services.

Transgender Americans Are Fleeing States With Restrictive Healthcare Legislation

A growing number of Americans and their families are leaving states with restrictive health care legislation targeting transgender individuals, according to Kaiser Health News. With at least 20 states limiting gender-affirming health care for trans youth, many are seeking more accepting environments where their health care needs can be met. States like California and Washington, which have passed laws protecting gender-affirming care, are becoming attractive destinations for these individuals, although the increased demand for services poses challenges for health care providers.

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