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What We’re Reading: Medicaid Coverage Unwinding; Subscription-Based Health Care; Measles Surging


Nearly a quarter of adults disenrolled from Medicaid are now uninsured; a new bill in Alaska will allow primary care providers to offer care based on monthly fees; the CDC warns of a 17-fold increase in measles cases in the first quarter of 2024.

Millions Lose Medicaid Coverage Amid Unwinding

A recent survey found that 23% of adults who lost Medicaid coverage amid the unwinding process are now uninsured, with an additional 28% obtaining coverage through other means, according to Kaiser Health News. Difficulties in renewing coverage and delays in accessing care have left many individuals at risk, underscoring the need for improved support and communication during this transition period. Concerns about disparities in coverage and disruptions in care persist as millions grapple with changes in their insurance status.

Alaska Legislature Passes Bill Legalizing Subscription-Based Health Care

The Alaska Legislature has adopted a bill permitting subscription-based health care, enabling primary care providers to offer services based on monthly fees, according to Anchorage Daily News. Although conservative groups support the measure, concerns linger about its impact on access for uninsured Alaskans or those who have limited coverage and the potential for private equity involvement. The bill includes provisions to ensure clinics accept Medicare patients and maintain a proportion of uninsured or Medicare-insured patients, although some lawmakers have criticized the lack of clarity regarding the nature of these agreements.

Measles Cases Surge in 2024, Threatening US Elimination Status

The CDC has raised concerns about the rapid rise in measles cases in the US during the first months of 2024, with reported cases soaring 17-fold compared with previous years, according to CIDRAP. The surge in outbreaks, especially in undervaccinated communities, underscores the need for increased measles vaccination efforts and international travel precautions. As global measles vaccination rates decline, the US faces challenges in maintaining its elimination status, with recent cases linked to various overseas regions.

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