What We're Reading: Cancer Moonshot Creates Hard Feelings With Some Researchers

What we're reading, February 1, 2016: some medical researchers disagree with sharing raw data used in their research; the medical community is torn on whether or not the annual checkup is worthwhile; and Donald Trump vows to extend healthcare coverage to the lower class.

While medical researchers agree in theory with Vice President Joe Biden’s cancer moonshot proposal, the idea of sharing raw data used in research has created dissension among the community, according to POLITICO. The trouble started when New England Journal of Medicine ran an op-ed pointing out that while data sharing was good, it could not be done by so-called “data parasites,” who would misuse work that took researchers years to assemble.

Physicians remain mixed on whether or not the annual checkup is a worthwhile endeavor. The annual checkup was once an unquestioned practice, but now it is being debated with some medical societies recommending against it for healthy adults. USA Today has highlighted some pros and cons of having routine checkups that may help consumers decide whether or not having one is right for them. Included in the lists is the fact that routine checkups provide an opportunity to fit in proven screening and prevention practices (pro) and that routine checkups waste time and money and can actually harm patients sometimes (cons).

Donald Trump continues to set himself apart from his Republican opponents. Although he remains vague on the details, the GOP frontrunner pledged to extend healthcare coverage to the lower class, reported The Hill. However, he denied that he was calling for a single-payer system, as rival Ted Cruz has said. Trump acknowledged that he might lose the election based on his vow.

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