What We're Reading: Drug Testing for Medicaid; Centene Sticks With ACA; Moderates on Healthcare

Wisconsin Seeks Drug Testing for Medicaid

The Trump administration has indicated it is open to providing states more flexibility with Medicaid, and Wisconsin is looking to push the limits. The state may become the first to implement mandatory drug screening, testing, and treatment for anyone seeking Medicaid, reported The Boston Globe. The drug testing would be a requirement for not only Medicaid, but also food stamps and unemployment benefits. Individuals who refuse to be screened or drug tested would not be eligible to receive benefits. Those who test positive must undergo treatment or they would not receive benefits for 6 months.

Centene Will Continue Participating in ACA Exchanges

While some insurers have struggled on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance exchanges and scaled back participation, Centene is committed to the exchanges. The AP reported that Centene’s exchange enrollment increased 74% since 2016 and that 80% of the 2016 exchange customers renewed their plans with Centene in 2017. Despite uncertainty around the future of the ACA’s cost-sharing assistance, Centene plans to continue selling plans in 12 states.

Moderates Not on Board With GOP Health Plan Compromise

The Conservative House Freedom Caucus may have come around on the latest compromise for the Republican healthcare bill, but many moderates have not, despite one of their own drafting the amendment. According to The Washington Post, Representative Charlie Dent, R-Pennsylvania, a leader of the GOP House moderates, does not believe the compromise addresses concerns that the bill would cut Medicaid too much. However, he, and others, have not seen legislative details for the latest version of the bill.