What We're Reading: Md. Takes Aim at Drug Prices; Molina Healthcare Breach; Treating Addicts


New Maryland Law Targets Drug Prices

A new law in Maryland represents the first of its kind to target steep price increases for generic drugs. According to The Wall Street Journal, the law not only prohibits “unconscionable” price hikes, but allows the state to sue companies to roll back some increases. The Republican governor expressed concern with the bill because of its vague definition of price gouging, but he allowed it to become law without his signature.

Potential Data Breach at Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare is investigating a potential data breach, but at this time is unsure how many patient records may have been exposed. In response to the potential breach, the insurer shut down its online patient portal, reported California Healthline. The potential breach involves a security vulnerability that exposed patient medical claims without any authentication—by changing a single number in the website address of an online medical claim, anyone could view another patient’s claims. The company covers 4.8 million lives in 12 states, plus Puerto Rico.

Getting Rich Off of Addiction Treatment

A new article from STAT highlights how brokers profit from recruiting addicts to drug rehab centers. These brokers arrange for young addicts from the Northeast and Midwest to get treatment in Florida, and in return earn tens of thousands of dollars a year. Unfortunately, according to law enforcement, these treatment centers often provide few services and sometimes are run by people with no expertise in drug addiction treatment.

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