What We're Reading: SCOTUS Asks for More Information in Contraception Case

What we're reading, March 30, 2016: the Supreme Court asks for more information in birth control case; Americans display lack of knowledge about Zika virus; and China provides an opportunity for drugs that fail to make it to market elsewhere.

With only 8 sitting members on the Supreme Court, the judges appear deadlocked on an important case on contraception access. Kaiser Health News reported that the court has asked lawyers involved in the case to provide more information on how women working for religious employers may access birth control. The judges had seemed evenly divided after arguments last week, and the court is also asking the lawyers to provide a possible compromise in the case.

Although Americans recognize that the Zika virus is spreading and could reach the continental US, they are unaware of the basic facts of the virus. While a large majority of people realize the virus is spread by mosquitoes, one-third also believe Zika can be spread by coughing or sneezing, according to USA Today. In addition, nearly one-fourth of adults in households where someone is pregnant or considering becoming pregnant didn’t know about the link between Zika and microcephaly.

China is providing a second life for some drugs that don’t make it to market elsewhere in the world. Companies licensing drugs to Chinese startups after a treatment fails to outperform other drugs is becoming a new trend, reported The Wall Street Journal. However, it isn’t unusual or unlawful for companies to get a drug approved in one jurisdiction but not another, and in China companies don’t have to prove a drug’s superiority over existing treatments.