What We're Reading: Trump's Conscience Provision Rejected; Mental Healthcare for Separated Families; Federal Vaping Ban

President Trump's conscience provision for medical providers was rejected by a New York federal Judge; a judge ordered the United States to administer mental healthcare to separated migrant families; a federal ban on flavored vaping products is near.

NY Judge Rejects Conscience Provision For Medical Providers

Judge Orders Mental Health Services for Separated Migrant Families

Federal Ban on Flavored Vaping Products Imminent

US District Court Judge Paul Engelmayer of New York rejected the Trump administration’s “conscience rule” that would allow health plans and providers to refuse coverage or perform services like abortion, contraception, or gender transition if they oppose those services on religious or moral grounds, according to Politico. The federal judge sided with 26 plaintiff states, municipalities, providers, and advocacy groups, like Planned Parenthood, who argued that the policy could threaten the funding they have relied on and severely disrupt the healthcare system.On Tuesday, US District Judge John Kronstadt ordered the government to provide mental health services to thousands of migrant parents and children who experienced psychological harm due to the Trump administration’s practice of separating families, according to The New York Times. The decision calls for screenings and ongoing care to address the trauma caused by family separation and serves as a rare instance of the government being held liable for mental trauma brought about by policies. A ban on electronic cigarette flavors other than tobacco and menthol is expected to be announced by federal regulators in the coming days, according to USA Today. The federal ban also includes a possible exemption for vape stores, as much of reported underage use stems from convenience stores. It is reported that mint flavors may be allowed or reformulated as menthol.

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