Peter Boland, PhD

Peter Boland, PhD is a national thought leader with 35 years of practical experience in strategic thinking and trend forecasting. He has worked with numerous hospitals, delivery systems and payers on change management and market restructuring. Peter offers an independent and original point of view and challenges organizations to anticipate “what’s next?” He has written more than 100 articles for dozens of professional journals and 5 books on manage care. He is often quoted in trade and news media such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and The PBS News Hour.


Living While at High Risk of Developing Alzheimer Disease

October 28, 2019

In 2017, an estimated 5.5 million Americans were diagnosed with Alzheimer disease (AD) and 200,000 under 65 years of age are described as having early-onset AD. Even more striking is the finding that 47 million Americans are presymptomatic with stage I AD. These dire statistics beg the question about the merits of getting tested for AD since lifestyle changes can help people at risk, but they are less likely to improve the conditions of those already experiencing cognitive impairment or dementia.

Book Review: Research-Based Regimen Highlights How to Reverse Chronic Disease

October 02, 2019

The guiding principle of a lifestyle medicine program is based on addressing the underlying causes of illnesses on multiple levels. The bigger picture is to prevent chronic illnesses in the first place—a major failing of the medical system and medical education.