Travis Broome, MPH, MBA

Travis Broome is senior vice president of policy and economics at Aledade, which helps doctors stay independent and thrive in the transition to value-based care. Joining Aledade early on, Travis helped Aledade grow from 2 accountable care organizations (ACOs) to 20 ACOs. Today, he is a thought leader on accountable care and is responsible for strategy development, policy analysis, and economic modeling. Prior to Aledade, Travis was a regional director at CMS. He earned his MPH and MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Medicare Steps In to Make Transitions of Care Safer

March 16, 2020

If you have a primary care relationship, there is at least one health care provider who does know you: your primary care physician (PCP). Yet in the turmoil of admission and the danger of discharge, it has often been likely that the only physician on earth who knows you and your health would never know that you spent 3 days in the hospital. That is, until you recovered and told the person.

CMS Proposal Is a Start for Making Risk More Appealing to ACOs

August 14, 2018

The first in a series of articles that identifies CMS' goals in updating the Medicare Shared Savings Program and how well the proposals make taking on more risk appealing for accountable care organizations.

CMS Releases Medicare Shared Savings Program 2016 Results

October 31, 2017

CMS just released 2016 data on the Medicare Shared Savings Program and the information proves that patience pays off, savings don't have to happen at the expense of quality, and that physician-led accountable care organizations are more successful.