Deirdre Ruttle


Contributor: How 10 Years of Trends in Health Care Payments Can Help During the Pandemic

Deirdre Ruttle, chief marketing officer, InstaMed and head of Wholesale Payments Healthcare Marketing, J.P. Morgan, discusses streamlined payment options in a post COVID-19 world.

Paulina Luna, MS


Telehealth User Experiences During COVID-19: A Case Study of Outpatient Cardiovascular Clinics Affiliated With a Large Academic Practice

In cardiovascular clinics during COVID-19, notable barriers to successful telehealth use included obtaining diagnostic information needed to deliver high-quality care and technology-related challenges for patients.

Jeff Spahr


The Rise of the Digital-First Health Care Approach

Interactive technology plays an ever-increasing role in our everyday lives, so it only makes sense that this rapidly improving technology is making its way other areas of our lives, including health care.

Melissa A. Clark, PhD


Calibrating Medicaid Payment to Need for Long-term Services and Supports

Incorporating data from functional status assessments, we developed a Medicaid payment model for long-term services and supports in a community-dwelling population of older adults.

William Irish, PhD


The Unintended Consequences of Medicare’s Wage Index Adjustment on Device-Intensive Hospital Procedures

The authors found an association between Medicare’s wage index adjustment and the differential use of labor-intensive surgical procedures and medical device–intensive minimally invasive clinical procedures across the United States.

Stephanie Fortier, PhD


Oncologists’ Perceptions and Utilization of US Therapeutic Oncology Biosimilars

Biosimilar use in clinical practice is determined by oncologists’ perceptions of and willingness to prescribe them. The authors investigated US oncologists’ perceptions and use of biosimilars.

Siyuan Shen, MCIT


The Implementation of Opioid Prescribing Report Cards in Medicaid Managed Care: A Community Quality Collaborative

This article describes the Philadelphia Medicaid Opioid Prescribing Initiative that was launched by a multidisciplinary team and mailed local Medicaid providers individualized prescribing report cards.

Anjum Khurshid, MD, PhD


Assessment of Structured Data Elements for Social Risk Factors

An expert panel identified and assessed electronic health record and health information exchange structured data elements to support future development of social risk factor computable phenotyping.

Mim Senft.
Mim Senft


Contributor: Companies Can’t Afford a She-cession

As working women have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, solutions to address what has been coined a “she-cession” include targeted communications, flexible work schedules, and increased education/tutoring resources.

George Bakris, MD


Glucose-Lowering Treatment Patterns in Patients With Diabetic Kidney Disease

Real-world treatment of diabetic kidney disease in the United States, based on national-level health care claims and electronic health records data, is inconsistent with the current guidelines.

Christopher Tjoa, MD


The Implementation of Opioid Prescribing Report Cards in Medicaid Managed Care: A Community Quality Collaborative

This article describes the Philadelphia Medicaid Opioid Prescribing Initiative that was launched by a multidisciplinary team and mailed local Medicaid providers individualized prescribing report cards.

Giovanni Cucchiaro, MD


Preappointment Surveys and Reminder Calls to Improve Show Rate

Patients who completed a preappointment survey were significantly more likely to attend their clinic appointment than noncompleters and spent significantly less time in their appointment.

Terence S. Dermody, MD


Consumer-Centric Approach to Enhance Access to Pediatric Specialty Care

The authors’ organization optimized scheduling techniques that improved patient access to pediatric specialists to within 7 calendar days for new patients.

Allison Brennan, MPP


CMS Needs to Rethink How Medicare Assesses Quality

Late 2020 changes make accountable care organizations a canary in the coal mine.

Milam Ford, BS


Reduced Medical Spending Associated With Integrated Pharmacy Benefits

Members covered by an integrated pharmacy benefit (as opposed to a pharmacy carve-out) experienced slower growth in medical spending.

Shipra Singh, MBBS, PhD, MPH


Association of Social Risks With Avoiding or Delaying Health Care and With Emergency Department Visits: Evidence From 2017 Ohio Medicaid Assessment Survey

Social risks (food insecurity, housing instability, financial strain, health insurance type) are associated with patients’ decisions to avoid/delay health care and increased utilization of the emergency department.

Olga Anastasia Sawicki, MD, MSc


Clinical and Economic Outcomes of a Collaborative Cardiology Care Program

Patients with chronic cardiac conditions benefited from a health care program that strengthened collaboration between general practitioners and cardiology specialists in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

Veronique Michaud, BPharm, PhD


Revisiting Conclusions on the Empiric Segmentation of High-risk Patients

The authors provide feedback on generalizations made regarding interventions for high-risk populations in previous research.

Linda Highfield, PhD


The Association of Social Determinants of Health With Health Outcomes

This study explored the statistical association of key social determinants of health with specific health outcomes to validate impact and then created weighted categorical matrices.

Bhavesh Shah, PharmD


Impact of Switching Agents in Plaque Psoriasis

The panel details the clinical and economic burden when patients switch between agents in plaque psoriasis.

Azra Raza, MD


Novel Multicancer Early Detection Technology––Potential Value to Employers and the Workforce

Multicancer early detection technology could help reduce cancer mortality compared to the current strategy of single-cancer screening tests.

Bhupender Singh, MD


Covishield India: Demystifying Myths Through an Early Multicenter Safety Study

This was a multicenter study carried out in India to study the adverse and systemic effects of the indigenously developed Covishield vaccine.

Timothy Judson, MD, MPH


Reimagining the Inpatient Palliative Care Consult: Lessons From COVID-19

Digital innovations in palliative care during COVID-19 have changed how hospitalized patients receive palliative care. We propose an approach to implement new models at scale.

Genevieve Claverie, BA


Mental Health Service Utilization Review Patterns in a Medicaid Managed Care Program

Medicaid managed care utilization review data for mental health services were analyzed for the calendar years 2017 and 2018. These data indicate low rates of utilization review denials for both inpatient and outpatient mental health services.

Danielle Lee Tomson, MPhil


Community Health Workers’ Critical Role in Trust Building Between the Medical System and Communities of Color

The authors interrogate elements of routine medical practice in New York City to argue for reforms of hospital culture through relational trust-building capabilities of community health workers.

Katie M. White, EdD, MBA


Clinic Price Reductions in a Tiered Total Cost Benefit Design

Findings of this evaluation of primary care clinic responses in a tiered total cost of care benefit design suggest that clinics respond by reducing prices.

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