The AJMC® Medicare compendium is a comprehensive resource for clinical news and expert insights on issues that affect Medicare beneficiaries with a focus on polypharmacy, reimbursement challenges, and other topics related to seniors.

Dr Debra Patt Addresses Medicare’s Successful Reimbursement of Telemedicine

June 26th 2022, 2:41pm


Debra Patt, MD, PhD, MBA, executive vice president of Texas Oncology, discusses the path of telemedicine reimbursement during the pandemic and possible ways it will change after the pandemic.

Thyme Care: A Human Touch in Cancer Care, Guided by Technology

June 23rd 2022, 9:10pm


Oncologist and health tech veteran Bobby Green, MD, who practiced for 17 years in Florida and was previously with Flatiron, is now Thyme Care’s president and chief medical officer. He has relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, to launch Thyme Care.

Panel Addresses Data, Investment, and Engagement Strategies to Close the Health Equity Gap

June 23rd 2022, 2:15pm


Community engagement, investment, and quality metrics were spotlighted as potential solutions to address health inequities affecting marginalized communities nationwide.

Generic Drug Savings Possibilities: $3.6 Billion to Medicare Using DTC Pricing

June 22nd 2022, 1:45am


How much would have Medicare saved if it had the same ability to purchase generic drugs at the same price as individuals using direct-to-consumer (DTC) pharmacies like the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company? Billions, as it turns out.

Medicare Hampered by Inaccurate Race, Ethnicity Data, OIG Says

June 20th 2022, 10:00pm


A new report from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of HHS suggests the accuracy of Medicare’s race and ethnicity data will only diminish over time, unless changes are implemented.

Supreme Court Unanimously Rules in Favor of Hospitals in 340B Decision

June 15th 2022, 3:34pm


The Supreme Court has ruled that HHS' decision to lower reimbursement rates to hospitals so that those in the 340B program received reduced rates because they received discounted drugs was unlawful.

Financial Incentives Tied to Medicare Star Ratings: Impact on Influenza Vaccination Uptake in Medicare Beneficiaries

June 14th 2022, 1:00pm


Influenza vaccine uptake improved among Medicare Advantage enrollees when influenza vaccination was introduced as a performance metric in Medicare star ratings and accompanying bonus payments.

Health Care Access, Preventive Care Similar in MA and TM for Low-Income Adults

June 9th 2022, 4:44pm


The analysis of adults with low income enrolled in Medicare Advantage (MA) or traditional Medicare (TM) indicates that increasing enrollment in MA may not advance health equity in the Medicare program.

ACO REACH Brings Next Era of Medicare Payment Models

June 9th 2022, 4:00pm


The Accountable Care Organization Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health (ACO REACH) Model provides the next great opportunity in moving a health care payment system toward paying for value and rewarding preventive care and keeping patients healthy.

Intervention May Improve Medication Appropriateness in Those With Multimorbidity, Polypharmacy

June 3rd 2022, 4:03pm


Investigators in Spain tested whether the tool would work in elderly patients in the primary care setting.