National Association of ACOs Virtual Conference

How Can Data Sharing Evolve Population Health Management?

June 25, 2020


During the National Association of Accountable Care Organizations Virtual 2020 Spring Conference, panelists discussed how data sharing can be implemented in health care systems and spur the evolution of population health management.

Is Home Care Going Mainstream in the United States?

June 22, 2020


Technology has made it easier to deliver health care in the home in recent years, but the financing models have not caught up just yet.

Which Telehealth Changes Will Become Permanent? Hints May Come Next Month

June 17, 2020


During a session on telehealth at the National Association of ACOs (NAACOS) 2020 Virtual Spring Conference, viewers were told to look at the proposed 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule when it is released next month to see which changes might become permanent even after the public health emergency ends.

ACOs Describe What's Involved When Implementing a SNF Waiver Program

June 16, 2020


Leaders from several different accountable care organizations (ACOs) describe their experience of creating programs to care for Medicare beneficiaries using the skilled nursing facility (SNF) waiver process.

NAACOS Policy Session Recaps Changes Wrought by COVID-19 and Looks Ahead

June 11, 2020


At the virtual spring conference of the National Association of ACOs (NAACOS), policy officials highlighted the changes since the start of the year due to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Identifying 7 Best Practices of Successful ACOs

September 28, 2019


During the second plenary at the National Association of ACOs fall meeting, Meridith Seife, deputy regional inspector general, Office of Evaluation and Inspections in the HHS Office of the Inspector General, presented results from a government report identifying strategies of high-performing accountable care organizations that had improved care quality while cutting costs.

The Challenge of Fitting Together All the Pieces to Deliver Holistic, Value-Based Care

September 27, 2019


In the next 5 to 10 years, providers and health systems need to be thinking about how all the pieces of a new system that delivers holistic, value-based care fit together, said Will Shrank, MD, chief medical officer, Humana, during the opening plenary at the National Association of ACOs fall meeting.

Joann Sciandra: The Role of Case Management Continues to Evolve

July 24, 2019


Joann Sciandra, RN, BSN, CCM, associate vice president of healthcare management, Geisinger Health System, discusses how the role of case management has evolved with increased attention being paid to social determinants of health and if she thinks the role will continue to evolve in the future.

Joann Sciandra on the Need to Combine Technology With Successful Case Management

July 12, 2019


You need both technology and successful case management to succeed in value-based care, explained Joann Sciandra, RN, BSN, CCM, associate vice president of healthcare management, Geisinger Health System.

Rob Mechanic: Identifying Patients Who Could Benefit From Holistic Care Is a Work in Progress

July 09, 2019


Rob Mechanic, MBA, senior fellow at the Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University and executive director of the Institute for Accountable Care, discusses how well accountable care organizations (ACOs) and other healthcare organizations are able to identify patients who could benefit from more holistic approaches to care.