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Cities That Will Fare the Worst Under the AHCA's Tax Credit Plan

Laura Joszt
The Republican healthcare law repeals several provisions in former President Barack Obamaís health law; however, while the GOP's American Health Care Act does provide financial assistance, similar to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Americans will find that those dollars donít go as far as they did under the ACA.
8. Birmingham, Alabama
Subsidy Difference: –$4494
Yet another city that will go from more than $9000 in subsidies to just $5000. WalletHub’s Healthiest Cities in America report found Birmingham had one of the highest percentages of adults eating fewer than 1 serving of fruits or vegetables per day. Interestingly, Birmingham also ranked second for having the most dietitians and nutritionists per capita. Overall, Birmingham ranked 119 out of 150 for the health of the city.

7. Fayetteville, North Carolina
Subsidy Difference: –$4687
The 2-person household being considered would have a median age of approximately 31 years, so it would receive $5000 under the AHCA, but was receiving $9687 with the ACA.
The 2017 Healthiest Cities in America report ranked Fayetteville low (117) among the healthiest cities in America. While it performed fairly well on the fitness of the city, it did not do well on food, which included fruit and vegetable consumption, healthy restaurants per capita, and share of obese residents. Nor did it rank well on healthcare, which considered factors such as mental health, family doctors per capita, cost of a medical visit, and the quality of the public health system.

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