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What We're Reading: New Site More User Friendly
October 27, 2015 – AJMC Staff
Ensuring the Use of Required Test for COPD
October 27, 2015 – AJMC Staff
Gaining Too Much During Pregnancy Leads to Obesity Later, Study Finds
October 26, 2015 – Mary K. Caffrey
Algorithm Forecasts COPD Hospitalization Risk
October 26, 2015 – Jackie Syrop
What We're Reading: Continued Lack of Awareness of Premium Subsidies
October 26, 2015 – AJMC Staff
Beyond the Disease: the Economic Hardships of Cancer
October 26, 2015 – Surabhi Dangi-Garimella, PhD
GSK Reports Positive Findings for COPD Treatment Studies
October 25, 2015 – AJMC Staff Receives Upgrades Prior to Open Enrollment
October 24, 2015 – Laura Joszt
Amgen's First-in-Class Viral Drug, T-Vec, Could Soon Be Approved by EMA
October 23, 2015 – AJMC Staff

What We're Reading: New Site More User Friendly

AJMC Staff
What we're reading, October 27, 2015: a much-improved website, report says drug prices rose at a much slower rate in 2015, and USPSTF recommends glucose testing in asymptomatic adults who are overweight or obese.
Newly Remodeled Site More User Friendly

The new website, reports The New York Times, has worked as the government promised, during the third open enrollment season. A new feature this year is a cost calculator that helps would-be enrollees compare different health plans based on their estimate of low, medium, of high use of medical services in 2016, though it does not let users sort plans based on total costs.

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2015 Sees a More Gradual Slope to Prescription Drug Prices

A new analysis by the healthcare technology firm Truveris, reports that prescription drug prices rose 9.1% through September 30, 2015, for all medicines, compared with 10.9% seen in 2014. This information is based on the company’s analysis of claims data that included more than 300 million prescription payments to US pharmacies. The claims data does not account for drug rebates, coupons, or copay cards.

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USPSTF Recommends Screening for Glucose and T2DM in Overweight and Obese Adults

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), as part of cardiovascular risk assessment in obese and overweight adults 40 to 70 years of age, has recommended screening for blood glucose levels. Additionally, the USPSTF recommendation urges physicians to refer patients with abnormal glucose levels to behavior counseling to ensure a healthy diet and incorporating physical activity in their daily life.

Read the paper published in the Annals of Internal Medicine here:

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