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What We're Reading: Public Health Emergency Declared in Puerto Rico Over Zika

AJMC Staff
What we're reading, August 15, 2016: public health emergency declared in Puerto Rico over Zika virus; the number of local transmission infections of Zika continues to climb in Florida; and men more likely to rate their health as excellent or good compared to 2007.
The Obama administration has declared the Zika virus in Puerto Rico a public health emergency. More than 10,000 residents of the island have been infected, and despite grappling with the virus for 6 months, infectious are still spreading, and residents believe the threat is exaggerated, reported The New York Times. More than 1000 pregnant women have been infected. Declaring the situation an emergency provides the chance for funding to hire and train unemployed workers to help combat the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, on the mainland, the number of infections in Florida keeps rising. According to Reuters, 3 more people tested positive for local mosquito-borne transmission of the virus. One of these individuals does not live in the zone officials believe is the hub of local transmission. There are now 28 cases of Zika virus that were not contracted due to travel. While the health department in Florida still believes local transmission is only occurring in a 1-square-mile area in a Miami neighborhood, officials are investigating cases occurring outside of this area.

Nearly half of men (49%) rate their health as excellent or very good. Healio reported that while more men are rating their health at least very good (up from 42% in 2007), 48% have been diagnosed with a chronic condition, which is also up from 42% in 2007. In general, the results of the survey of more than 1100 participants were a mixed bag. Men are paying more attention to exercise, but they are still sending a considerable amount of time in front of a screen. More men have a regular healthcare professional but nearly the same amount report barriers to seeing a physician.

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