Active Surveillance Might Work for Most With Prostate Cancer

A recent study published in European Urology highlights quality-of-life benefits with active surveillance in men with prostate cancer.

prostate cancer

Men who opt for surveillance of their tend to have physical and mental wellbeing equal to or better than men who opt for immediate treatment, a new analysis suggests.


"The men in our study did not appear to suffer from any major negative psychological impacts, including and depression," said Dr. Lara Bellardita, the study's lead author from the IRCCS Foundation's National Cancer Institute in Milan, Italy.

Many men with prostate cancer will never need treatment for it, while about a third will go on to get treated after an average of two to three years of surveillance, said Dr. Marc A. Dall'Era, who wasn't involved with the new study but is a urologist at the University of California, Davis.

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