Ambiguous Mammograms: An Emotional and Financial Burden

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A study published in a supplement to the Journal of Women's Health looks to the widespread impact of newer screening technologies to improve outcomes.

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One of every 7 women who undergo annual mammography screening for will be called back for follow-up tests.


These women can worry for days or weeks that the "suspicious" finding the radiologist has seen on their mammogram will be cancer. They might also incur direct and indirect medical costs.

A supplement to the September issue of the Journal of Women's Health highlights the burden, both financial and personal, of screening recall, and outlines some of the newer technologies for imaging the breast that could improve the accuracy of screening and make it more cost efficient.

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"Our goal in is to find the most cancers at the lowest cost," Susan C. Harvey, MD, from Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore, told Medscape Medical News. "We want to up our value."

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