Calorie Restriction Could Help Outcomes in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Caloric restriction in women with the triple negative disease was found to reduce incidence of metastases in a pre-clinical model.

Dieting may decrease chances for metastases in triple negative breast cancers by strengthening the tissue surrounding the tumour.

Calorie restriction, a kind of dieting in which food intake is decreased by a certain percentage, has been touted as way to help people live longer. New research suggests that there may be other benefits, including improving outcomes for women in breast cancer.

According to a study published on 26 May in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, the triple negative subtype of breast cancer — one of the most aggressive forms – is less likely to spread, or metastasize, to new sites in the body when mice were fed a restricted diet.

''The diet turned on a epigenetic program that protected mice from metastatic disease,'' says senior author Nicole Simone, M.D., an associate professor in the department of Radiation Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University.

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