Cigna Refers to NCCN Guidelines for Oncology Coverage Decisions

The Cigna-NCCN collaboration will benefit about 12.5 million members.

As part of the company's coverage policy development, Cigna is using the NCCN Guidelines(R) and the NCCN Compendium(R) as references in the appropriate choice for the treatment of people with cancer in the United States.

Cigna is using National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) Content as a resource for oncology coverage policy development and updates for the company's more than 840,000 providers throughout the United States.

"Cigna recognizes the important role that NCCN has in establishing standards and guidance for care in the area of cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and surveillance," said Julie B. Kessel, MD, Cigna's Senior Medical Director for Coverage Policy.

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Source: CNN Money