Assessing the Clinical Utility of Companion Diagnostics - Episode 2

Clinical Utility of Genomic Testing

New genomic tests continue to be introduced, and in this segment, Peter Salgo, MD, and John L. Fox, MD, MHA, discuss the clinical utility of genomic tests and explore data from key trials that evaluated the validity of current genomic tests.

Dr Fox explains that when reviewing clinical utility it is important to assess whether or not the new information has an impact on decision making and overall clinical outcomes. Dr Fox adds that the MammaPrint, OncoType DX, and PAM50 genomic assays have all demonstrated clinical utility in breast cancer. When asked about the validity of a newer breast cancer assay, Prosigna, Dr Fox discusses the TransATAC trial and explains that results are inconclusive due to a stratification advantage.

Ultimately, all stakeholders involved in patient care want to have a clear understanding of available diagnostic tests. The goal is to use the test results to make informed decisions and allow each patient to receive the treatment that is most appropriate for his or her condition.

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