COTA and Foundation Medicine Collaboration Will Further Value-Based Cancer Care

COTA will expand Foundation Medicine's molecular information knowledge base with longitudinal clinical outcomes and cost of care data and analytics.

Foundation Medicine, Inc. (FMI) and COTA, Inc. today announced an agreement to capture and analyze comprehensive genomic, clinical outcome, and cost data from patients who have undergone testing with FoundationOne®. The resulting dataset is designed to provide health care providers and payers with the supporting clinical outcomes and costs evidence that inform value-based reimbursement decisions and cancer treatment.

“Eliminating inefficiencies and improving patient care requires actionable insights supported by complete, integrated data,” said Eric Schultz, CEO of COTA. “This unprecedented collaboration with Foundation Medicine incorporates the most comprehensive genomic profiling data with COTA’s unique real-world, longitudinal clinical outcomes and cost of care data to provide insights that enable both physicians and payers to move toward value-based treatment and reimbursement practices.”

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