Defining the Value of Innovation in Oncology - Episode 4

Dialogue, Collaboration, and Innovations in Oncology

In the first segment of this one-on-one interview series, Peter Salgo, MD, and Bryan Loy, MD, of Humana discuss the most influential recent innovations in cancer care.

Dr Loy comments that in addition to the targeted tests and therapies that continue to emerge, he finds remarkable the willingness of key stakeholders to collaborate and discuss the utilization of newer technologies, their costs, and the overall patient experience.

Dr Loy explains that understanding the role that genetics plays in cancer is important, and being able to comprehend the data and engage in dialogues regarding how to utilize emerging therapies can help all stakeholders in medical oncology deliver better quality care.

Because health literacy continues to be a real issue for patients, patients must be presented with information on these emerging treatment options in an understandable form. Additionally, everyone involved in patient care, from caregivers to those involved in reimbursement, should be accountable for sharing information with patients, suggests Dr Loy.

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