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Dr Christine Ko Addresses Dermatopathology, COVID Arm Ahead of AAD VMX


Christine Ko, MD, is professor of dermatology and pathology at Yale University and a presenter of “What's New in Dermatopathology” at this year’s American Academy of Dermatology Virtual Meeting Experience (AAD VMX).

Christine Ko, MD, professor of dermatology and pathology at Yale University and a presenter of “What's New in Dermatopathology,” speaks on COVID-19 skin-related vaccine reactions and clinical-pathologic discussions to come at this year’s American Academy of Dermatology Virtual Meeting Experience.


With the cancellation of last year's meeting, what are you looking forward to hearing about this year?

I always love the AAD meeting, and it was a disappointment, I think for everyone, as the pandemic has sort of chugged along that we can’t go to the meetings that we love. So even though it's virtual again, this year, I'm excited to hear some of the types of sessions and the speakers that I love to listen to. A lot of what I love is clinical-pathologic correlation, so I'm excited to hear Dr. Callen’s session [Jeffrey P. Callen, MS, FACP, FAAD, MACR, University of Louisville School of Medicine]. And there's some other clinical-pathologic correlation sessions, for example, led by Dr. Samimi [Sara S. Samimi, MD, Penn Medicine].

Can you preview for us your presentation, “What’s New in Dermatopathology?”

We're going to try to have a somewhat interactive, visually rich presentation of dermoscopy. So, how to look at the clinical, look with that magnifier, the dermatoscope, and then also correlate it to what you would see under the microscope. I think that'll be really exciting and very visually interesting. That's going to be by Dr. Michelle Tarbox [Michelle Tarbox, MD, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center], who's from Texas. And then one of my awesome colleagues, Dr. Bill Damsky [William Damsky, MD, PhD, Yale School of Medicine] is going to address COVID arm, which is, I think, a very timely thing as the vaccine continues to roll out across the nation and the world. And Dr. Nooshin Brinster [Nooshin K. Brinster, MD, NYU Langone] from NYU and Dr. Tarbox and myself, we'll have a little fun discussion with Dr. Damsky about vaccine reactions, what we've seen as pertains to the skin, and what other interesting things about the skin and COVID that people might want to talk about. So there'll be some Q&A from the audience if they want.

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