Eli Lilly Expects Multiple Stakeholders Will Benefit from CII, a PACE Initiative

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PACE has launched an evidence-based online tool, Continuous Online Indicators, which will provide information on research progress in 12 tumor types.

On the eve of World Cancer Day 2015, amidst the ongoing cost-of-cancer-care debate, PACE (Patient Access to Cancer care Excellence), a Lilly Oncology initiative, is launching the PACE Continuous Innovation Indicators™ (CII). CII is the first evidence-based, customizable online tool to review progress against cancer over time—initially covering 12 cancer types. The purpose of the tool is to inform public policy reforms and other efforts to accelerate continuous innovation against cancer.

"We have seen tremendous progress in cancer treatment and care during the past decades, and continuous innovation, with one discovery building on another, is responsible for most of it," said

John C. Lechleiter


, Ph.D., Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of

Eli Lilly and Company

(NYSE: LLY). "To keep the momentum going, we need policies that support continuous innovation, but first we need a deeper understanding of the innovations that have occurred, and where we need to be."

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