New Standards of Care in the Management of Prostate Cancer - Episode 3

Episode 3 - The CHAARTED Study-Treatment of CRPC with Docetaxel

In this segment, Christopher Sweeney, MBBS, provides an overview of the ChemoHormonal Therapy versus Androgen Ablation Randomized Trial for Extensive Disease in Prostate Cancer (CHAARTED) and discusses how the results of the trial have impacted the treatment of patients with prostate cancer.

Dr Sweeney, an active player in the 10-year trial, notes that the results of the trial showed that in patients who experienced disease progression, overall survival was improved in patients treated with chemotherapy (docetaxel) plus androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) compared with patients who received only ADT.

The results of the CHAARTED trial have led to additional clinical trials that further explore the use of newer agents such as abiraterone or enzalutamide in combination with chemotherapy, adds Dr Sweeney. Specifically, he remarks that 2 specific combination therapy strategies are currently being assessed in clinical studies: horizontal inhibition and vertical inhibition.

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