Expert Analysis on Managing mCRC

At the 26th International Congress on Anti-Cancer Treatment in Paris, France, earlier this month, oncologists deliberated on the current understanding of metastatic colorectal cancer and the available treatment options. Recent work has shown that there are 4 or 5 different subtypes of the disease, which may call for personalized therapeutic strategies.

Treatment algorithms for metastatic colorectal cancer are “dynamic and fast changing” in order to keep up with the multiple cytotoxic and biologic options that are currently or will soon be available, Dr. Eric Van Cutsem said at an international congress on anticancer treatment.

“We are making progress. If you look at the past 10-15 years you see that the median survival is going up with the introduction of different agents and with the results of different trials,” Dr. Van Cutsem of University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium, said.

It is becoming increasingly clear that mCRC is “not one disease” and that patient and tumor characteristics vary wildly. Multiple molecular alterations have been identified and there are many molecular signaling pathways known to be involved in tumor progression.

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