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Integrating Momelotinib: NCCN Guidelines and Drug Comparison


Aaron Gerds, MD, MS, explores the FDA approval of momelotinib and its swift integration into National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines. He reviews different JAK inhibitors based on adverse effects and treatment goals, addressing potential treatment-related anemia in myelofibrosis.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a Guidelines featuring Aaron Gerds, MD, MS.

Gerds discusses the integration of momelotinib into NCCN guidelines following the FDA’s approval in September 2023 based on results from the MOMENTUM trial (NCT04173494). He acknowledges the swift inclusion of momelotinib while emphasizing ongoing efforts for a comprehensive guideline renovation. Gerds sheds light on the differentiation of JAK inhibitors, considering adverse effects, patient characteristics, and treatment goals. He provides a simplified approach, categorizing patients based on platelet counts and anemia status to guide JAK inhibitor selection. The discussion extends to addressing potential treatment-related anemia and the complexity of distinguishing disease-related factors. Gerds underscores the importance of understanding individual patient profiles, historical data, and inflammatory markers when devising strategies to manage anemia effectively. The segment highlights the meticulous and responsive nature of NCCN guidelines, ensuring clinicians have updated and tailored recommendations for myelofibrosis treatment.

Video synopsis is AI-generated and reviewed by AJMC® editorial staff.

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