Johns Hopkins Gets More Than $8 Million to Further Cancer Research and Treatments

A team of cancer imaging experts at Johns Hopkins has embarked on a five-year research initiative to speed development of early diagnostic tests and new treatments for breast, prostate and other common cancers.

Using advanced imaging tools developed or used for the last decade at Johns Hopkins In-Vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging Center (ICMIC), the team will search for innovative ways to detect cancers in their earliest stages inside cells, and for ways to stop or kill any of these cancer cells before the disease can spread to other tissues and organs.

“Our next round of studies are aimed at turning what we’ve shown to be feasible into clinical reality,” says cancer imaging researcher Zaver Bhujwalla, Ph.D., who will act as the principal investigator of the expanded initiative. The expansion is made possible with more than $8 million in new grants from the U.S. National Cancer Institute, a member of the National Institutes of Health.

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Source: Newswise; Johns Hopkins Medicine