MolecularHealth Offers a Reimbursement Calculator

The tool is aimed to provide decision-support to both patients and physicians while considering their reimbursement information.

MolecularHealth has announced an important new component of its TreatmentMAP™ offering in the United States, called MolecularHealth™ RxAssistance. This new service is a value-added benefit for patients and their doctors, providing a level of reimbursement support not previously seen in the molecular diagnostic industry. Unlike reimbursement services offered by other companies that only assess insurance options for the molecular diagnostic test itself, RxAssistance evaluates insurance options for the therapies recommended by its tests.

RxAssistance is designed to help streamline the reimbursement process and provide physicians and patients with support and education about payer reimbursement for treatment options. Each patient’s TreatmentMAP results report and insurance information is reviewed by MolecularHealth’s reimbursement specialist, a Certified Professional Coder®, prior to results being sent to the physician. Off-label or investigational products recommended for treatment are flagged and information is gathered, including the likelihood a payer will reimburse for the suggested treatments and any additional information that will be needed to receive reimbursement, such as a letter of medical necessity.

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Source: MolecularHealth