Myriad and UHC Sign a 3-year Contract for the myRisk Hereditary Cancer Test

The molecular diagnostic testing company Myriad Genetics announced that it had signed a 3-year contract with UnitedHealthcare to make their myRisk cancer susceptibility test accessible to patients.

Myriad Genetics, Inc. (Nasdaq:MYGN) announced today that it has signed a three-year contract with UnitedHealthcare. The contract provides UnitedHealthcare with access for BRCA testing and the myRisk Hereditary Cancer test for patients who meet the hereditary cancer testing eligibility criteria.

Myriad's myRisk Hereditary Cancer test uses next-generation sequencing technology to evaluate 25 clinically significant hereditary cancer genes associated with eight major hereditary cancers including: breast, colon, ovarian, endometrial, pancreatic, prostate, gastric cancers and melanoma. The myRisk test has demonstrated in multiple clinical studies a significant increase in sensitivity by identifying over 50 percent more patients with deleterious mutations that place a patient at substantially greater lifetime risk for cancer.

"Myriad has been a pioneer in hereditary cancer testing for almost 20 years," said Mark Capone, president of Myriad Genetic Laboratories. "Through scientific research and innovation, Myriad is able to provide a significantly more comprehensive, next generation cancer test for hereditary cancer syndromes.

Source: Myriad Genetics

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