Myriad's Gene Panel Could Diagnose Metastatic Melanoma

The 23-gene diagnostic panel called myPath Melanoma could be used in addition to microscopy to distinguish the benign form of the disease from malignant disease.

A new 23-gene signature test (

, Myriad Genetics) could be helpful in these instances, researchers working with the company suggest.

The test was developed with a training set and then validated in an independent cohort. The results were

March 2 in the


Differentiating between malignant melanoma and benign skin moles can be difficult in about 15% of cases, where histopathologic analysis is not straightforward because of ambiguous findings. myPath Melanomapublished online Journal of Cutaneous Pathology

"myPath Melanoma is a powerful new molecular diagnostic test that analyzes genetic information inside skin cells to help us understand the biology of a patient's skin lesion and objectively differentiate benign moles from potentially lethal melanomas," researcher Loren Clarke, MD, medical director for dermatology at Myriad, said in a company press release.

"It is a tool for a pathologist to be used as an adjunct to microscopy," he told


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