Dr. Ravi Vij Discusses Benefits/Efficacy of Carfilzomib and Revlimid

Dr. Ravi Vij, Associate Professor of Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, serves in the Section of Stem Cell Transplant and Leukemia, Division of Oncology. In this interview, he discusses several new molecules headed for FDA approval to treat multiple myeloma.

In addition, Dr. Vij talks about the efficacy of carfilzomib and lenalidomide (Brand name: Revlimid), two drugs seeking accelerated approval by the FDA. He also discusses new molecules in Phase III clinical trials. "This is an exciting time. Outcomes have continued to improve over the past decade for patients with multiple myeloma. However, we have a way to go, as multiple myeloma is still fatal in most patients," said Dr. Vij.