NICE Comes Back With a List of 40 Expensive Drugs to Be Reassessed

The cost-value discussion in oncology continues in Europe as NICE lists 40 drugs that it plans to reassess in terms of cost versus patient benefit.

More than 40 cancer drugs being paid for out of the government’s Cancer Drugs Fund are to be reassessed to decide if they are worth the money.

Drugs such as Kadcyla, the new Roche offering for advanced breast cancer costing £90,000 a patient, and Avastin, for breast and bowel cancer, could be dropped from the list, so new patients will not be able to get them through the NHS unless the companies lower their prices. Existing patients will continue to get them. Ten new drugs will also be evaluated.

All the cancer drugs in the fund have been turned down for general NHS use by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice), which has said the benefit they offer patients is not enough to justify the high price asked by manufacturers.

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Source: The Guardian