Oncology Onward: A Conversation With OneOncology’s Dr Jeff Patton


Jeff Patton, MD, CEO of OneOncology, joins Emeline Aviki, MD, MBA, and Stephen Schleicher, MD, MBA, for episode 3 of "Oncology Onward: Conversations With Innovators and Changemakers in Cancer Care."

Jeff Patton, MD, CEO and board member of OneOncology and executive chairman of Tennessee Oncology, joins hosts Emeline Aviki, MB, MBA, medical director and attending surgeon at NYU Langone Perlmutter Cancer Center, and Stephen Schleicher, MD, MBA, chief medical officer at Tennessee Oncology, for episode 3 of, "Oncology Onward: Conversations With Innovators and Changemakers in Cancer Care."

Patton, also chairman of the Community Oncology Alliance and a board-certified hematologist and oncologist, highlights of the origins of OneOncology that it was created to protect community oncology, to give other states and communities the opportunity to stay independent in light of large hospital systems, if they wanted to. He also discusses the importance of community clinical trial accrual and of keeping oncological services within the community and not handing them over to large hospital systems, thereby driving up the cost of care.

“OneOncology was created by physicians for physicians to maintain the autonomy and allow physicians the choice of seeing patients in the community vs in a hospital or academic medical center,” he emphasizes. “I think every patient, every family deserves choice. In many cases, and in most cases, we feel like the community option is the best.”

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