OneOncology to Add Former US Senate Majority Leader Senator Bill Frist to Board of Directors

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Former Tennessee US senator, heart and lung transplant surgeon, and healthcare entrepreneur brings dynamic expertise to the OneOncology national network.

OneOncology announced the election of former US Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to its board of directors. Frist brings unparalleled insights to OneOncology as a nationally-acclaimed thoracic surgeon, designing effective, bipartisan healthcare policy, and building patient-centered healthcare companies.

“We are honored to have Senator Frist as part of our organization,” said Tracy L. Bahl, OneOncology president and chief executive. “Senator Frist will add immeasurable value to OneOncology across multiple dimensions. As a surgeon, he reinforces our commitment to building a physician-led organization, as the former Senate Majority Leader, his counsel will help our practices navigate the evolving regulatory environment, and as an entrepreneur, he will lend incredible insight into technology-powered cancer care delivery—all of which support a differentiated patient experience across the entire continuum of care.”

Frist believes technology enables the most comprehensive and compassionate care experience for patients and their families. As a OneOncology board director, Frist said he will focus on helping OneOncology leverage its technology and data platform to drive its physician-led and patient-centric model.

“By establishing a physician-governed organization, every oncologist in our network can provide their patients with the best care, close to their home,” Frist said. “Through a nationally connected network and technology platform, OneOncology can standardize and share best-in-class treatment protocols, cancer therapies, and clinical trials to offer patients outcomes that at one time were deemed unimaginable.”

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