Optimizing Provider Education, Utilization Monitoring, and Value-Based Contracts for PDTs

Health care professionals discuss the optimal timeline for collaborating with provider advocates to develop and implement protocols that facilitate patient access to prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs).

Video content above is prompted by the following questions:

  • Dr. Brixner: At what point(s) in the product lifecycle do clinicians want/need to receive education from PDT manufacturers to effectively learn about, prescribe, and manage these digital therapies?
    • Is there a preference for this education to occur pre-approval, post-approval but pre-launch, at commercial launch, or continuously throughout the product’s market availability?
  • Peterson: How do payers track and monitor prescribing and utilization patterns for covered PDTs?
    • Have payers had to adjust policies after initial PDT adoption due to inappropriate prescribing or utilization issues?
  • How do you see value-based or risk-based contracts evolving now that larger pharma manufacturers are developing and commercializing PDTs?
    • In your experiences, how do the metrics used to evaluate the real-world performance of PDTs, such as engagement metrics and discontinuation rates, differ from the traditional metrics employed for molecular drug therapies?
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