Organization That Addresses "Financial Toxicity" in Young Cancer Survivors Featured in Evidence-Based Oncology

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The Samfund, the first and largest group created to help young adults address the costs of cancer, is featured in the current issue of Evidence-Based Oncology, a publication of The American Journal of Managed Care. Samfund officers Samantha Watson, MBA, and Michelle S. Landwehr, MPH, address the challenges of "financial toxicity" for young adult survivors.


PLAINSBORO, N.J.—For young adults with cancer, battling the disease can be just the beginning. Medical bills, ruined credit, and trouble finding housing can set cancer survivors back and impede their physical and emotional recovery.

Officers of The Samfund, created to help young adult cancer survivors regain their financial footing, discuss the group’s mission in the current issue of Evidence-Based Oncology, a publication of The American Journal of Managed Care. The commentary by Samantha Watson, MBA, founder and CEO, and Michelle S. Landwehr, MPH, and COO, can be found here.

“Financial toxicity” is now recognized as a common effect of cancer treatment, which makes The Samfund essential now that more than 630,000 young adults in the United States have some cancer history. The Samfund has distributed more than $1.4 million since 2004, according to Watson and Landwehr, who explore the common financial burdens that may not only prevent cancer survivors from moving on with their lives, but may also prevent them from maintaining insurance coverage essential for follow-up care.


While the Affordable Care Act has helped many young cancer survivors, they write, there is still confusion about how it works. To help survivors navigate the ACA, The Samfund has joined with Triage Cancer to present Finances 101: A Toolkit for Young Adults with Cancer. For more information, please visit the website at

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