Promising Role of Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer Treatment Emphasized at ELCC 2014

In the treatment of lung cancer, immunotherapy has come of age and is here to stay expert says at the 4th European Lung Cancer Conference.

A new era of lung cancer therapy is close to dawning, using drugs that can prevent tumour cells from evading the immune system, experts have said at the 4th European Lung Cancer Congress.

Annals of Oncology

For decades, scientists and doctors thought immunotherapy — treatments that harness the immune system to fight a disease – was of marginal benefit in lung cancer, says ESMO spokesperson Jean-Charles Soria, Institute Gustave Roussy in Paris, France and Editor-in-Chief of .

However a new class of drugs known as “immunocheckpoint regulators” have shown huge potential, Soria says. New data on several of these drugs were presented at the conference.

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