Segment 5: Clinical Pathways - A Shared Decision-Making Tool?

Have clinical pathways in oncology developed enough for providers and patients to use them as a shared decision-making tool? Panelists provide insight.

The panel then discussed their view on clinical pathways as a shared decision-making tool.

Blaise Polite, MD, MPP, said that they could be used in that capacity, “but they are not typically designed that well to open up in front of the patient.” He believes there are other, much better, tools for the process.

Michael Fisch, MD, MPH, agreed that clinical pathways are not intended to be a shared decision-making tool. While patients and their physicians make clinical decisions, pathways do not lead the discussion, he added.

Kathy Lokay concurred, saying that discussions on using pathways as a tool would really depend on the interest the patient might have in the process.