SIGO Releases New Guildelines for CRC in Older Patients

The recommendations by the International Society of Geriatric Oncology, emphasize personalized treatment and assigning a multidisciplinary care team for optimal treatment.

Due to the increasing complexity and diversity of treatment options for patients with colorectal cancer (CRC), the International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG) released new recommendations, highlighting the need for individualized treatment for older patients and stressing that multidisciplinary teams are essential to providing that treatment.

Because of issues such as frailty and comorbidity, many older patients require a personalized management approach (Int J Cancer 2013;132[9]:2157-2163, PMID: 23015513). The guidelines also suggest that clinicians should use a comprehensive geriatric assessment to inform clinical decision-making and provide patients with detailed information in advance to support their involvement in the decision-making process (see box).

These recommendations are necessary to improve and elaborate on solutions for a crucial health problem that affects a sizeable population, according to Al Benson, MD, a professor of medicine at Northwestern University School of Medicine, in Chicago, who was not involved in the creation of the guidelines.

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