Strategic Oncology Partnership Between AstraZeneca and MD Anderson

The industry-academic partnership is expected to boost clinical trials on investigational drugs and outcomes research, in gynecological cancers.

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

has established a strategic partnership with AstraZeneca focused on ovarian and other gynecologic cancers. MD Anderson and AstraZeneca are going to conduct multiple, parallel clinical and clinically related studies with the goal of improving treatment results in oncology patients.

The collaboration is an unparalleled approach, as the two partners will be dedicated to both clinical trials on investigational treatments, and epidemiological and outcome studies. In addition to enhancing therapeutic outcomes, AstraZeneca and MD Anderson believe they can alter the way in which the industry and the academia approach research and collaborative work, as they want to deepen partnerships and accelerate the development of treatments for women with high unmet medical needs.

Link to the press release by MD ANderson: