UK's Cancer Drugs Fund Will Improve Access But Evaluate Value

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While the 40% funding boost will help patients continue current expensive treatment, or improve access for others, determining "value for money" is high on the NHS agenda.

Pioneering cancer drugs will not be made available under a flagship scheme founded by David Cameron if they do not represent good value for money.

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, will on Thursday boost funding for the flagship Cancer Drugs Fund by 40 per cent to almost £300 million a year.


The move will give thousands more cancer patients access to cutting-edge cancer drugs which would otherwise be deemed too expensive for the NHS.

Under new plans clinicians will examine whether the drugs on offer are the most effective available to ensure "this extensive additional funding is spent in the best way for patients".

No patients will have any current treatments terminated, and patients with rare conditions who have no other option will continue to get access to the most effective drugs. Officials believe that the move will give the NHS more bargaining power and help reduce the prices of drugs.

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Source: The Telegraph