Web-Based Tool Designed to Improve Quality of Care in Thyroid Cancer

The Thyroid Cancer Clinical Registry is expected to improve quality of patient care as patient data would be readily available to all physicians involved in the patients care; however former Commission on Cancer chair Frederick L Greene, MD, wonders whether physicians would take the time to enter the clinical data into the system as required.

A recently launched web-based disease-management tool for thyroid cancer is designed to improve quality of care as well as provide richer data for research than is available from current cancer databases.

Funded by philanthropy, the Thyroid Cancer Care Collaborative(TCCC) is maintained by the patient and includes clinical data across sites of care along with clinical decision-support and education components. It is intended for use by all physicians involved in the care of patients with thyroid cancer, including endocrinologists, oncologists, nuclear-medicine specialists, radiologists, surgeons, and primary-care physicians.

"It's basically their medical record on a cloud," R Michael Tuttle, MD, of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Cornell University, New York, told Medscape Medical News.

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