Precision Medicine in Oncology

Vaccine Plus Pembrolizumab Shows Promise in Breast Cancer in Animal Study

August 01, 2020


The study, using mice, also found that the 2-step therapy was more effective the earlier it was given.

Osimertinib Granted Breakthrough Status for Early-Stage, EGFR-Mutated NSCLC Patients After Surgery

July 31, 2020


The ADAURA trial was stopped in April 2020 after an independent monitoring committee called for the trial to be unblinded 2 years early based on a determination of overwhelming efficacy.

Algorithm Identifies Noncoding Genetic Mutations That Play Role in 5 Pediatric Cancers

July 24, 2020


Using a computational algorithm, researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia analyzed noncoding genetic mutations to discover how they factor into 5 pediatric cancers.

ASCO 2020: Genetic Testing

July 22, 2020


Four studies were highlighted that amplified the 3 components of using genetic testing in cancer treatment and prevention: (1) understanding the germline component of a tumor test, (2) broadening access to genetic counselors with video sessions, and (3) making sure risk assessment of each patient is accurate, so that patients do not have unnecessary surgeries.

ASCO 2020: Clinical Updates

July 20, 2020


Featuring findings from the KEYNOTE-177, ARAURA, ASPEN, and CITYSCAPE trials, and new results from MURANO.

Cancer Organizations Ask Trump Administration to Maintain Relationship With WHO

July 19, 2020


US cancer researchers benefit from the exchange of information with the World Health Organization (WHO), which helps domestic patients as well as international ones.

Roche Invests in Blueprint Medicines, Maker of RET Inhibitor Pralsetinib

July 15, 2020


Pralsetinib, an investigational precision therapy in late-stage development for individuals with alterations in the RET gene, would be jointly sold in the United States by the 2 companies if it is approved.

Large Survival Edge in Lung Cancer With Companion Diagnostics, but Some Still Miss Out, Study Finds

July 10, 2020


Companion diagnostic testing identifies patients most likely to benefit from biomarker-driven treatments. Much of the promise in lung cancer treatment comes from use of testing to match patients with targeted therapies, checkpoint inhibitors, or combinations.

Payer Coverage for Liquid Biopsies Improves, but Gaps Remain, Study in JNCCN Finds

July 08, 2020


JNCCN is the official journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, a group of cancer centers that develops treatment guidelines that are considered the “gold standard” for payers.

Can Artificial Intelligence Detect Early-Stage Pancreatic Cancer?

July 02, 2020


Using artificial intelligence to comb through electronic health records to look for the subtle signs that individuals often present with to their doctor in the years before a more advanced diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is made showed promise in a early trial to see if earlier detection is possible.