Initial Symptoms of NrAxSpa & Inconclusive Diagnostics
February 21, 2019 – 
Tiffany Westrich-Robertson considers her initial symptoms of nonradiographical axial spondyloarthritis (NrAxSpa) and discusses the difficulties of receiving proper treatment.
Future of Therapy and Final Thoughts on Myelofibrosis
February 08, 2019 – 
Key leaders share their thoughts on the future of therapy as well as provide final thoughts on myelofibrosis treatment options.
Implications of Using TNF Inhibitors During Lactation
February 04, 2019 – 
Megan E.B. Clowse, MD, reacts to the potential for treating patients with autoimmune diseases with certolizumab and its effects on childbearing and discusses her expectations for managing patients with novel therapies based on emerging guidelines.
The CRADLE Trial and Autoimmune Disease
February 04, 2019 – 
An overview regarding the CRADLE trial evaluating the concentration of certolizumab pegol in mature breast milk of lactating mothers with autoimmune diseases.
Symptoms and Patient Progression
February 01, 2019 – 
Physicians identify the symptom progression with therapy and the patient progression with myelofibrosis.
Evolution of Myelofibrosis and Efficacy & Toxicity of Therapy
February 01, 2019 – 
Review the evolution of myelofibrosis as well as the efficacy and toxicity of the therapies.
TNF Inhibitors and Pregnancy
January 28, 2019 – 
Considerations for using certolizumab or other TNF (tumor necrosis factor) inhibitors for managing an autoimmune disease during and after pregnancy.
Managing Autoimmune Disease Post Partum
January 28, 2019 – 
An expert in the management of autoimmune disease discusses the potential for flares following pregnancy and shares her experience in minimizing these events.
Axial Spondyloarthritis: Future Outlook
January 24, 2019 – 
Atul A. Deodhar, MD, reacts to emerging interest in axial spondyloarthritis and shares considerations for improving how the condition is managed in the future.
Treatment Considerations for Childbearing and Autoimmune Disease
January 21, 2019 – 
Megan E.B. Clowse, MD, describes how she counsels and treats patients with an autoimmune disease who want to conceive.
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